2018 has been a roller coaster year for the marketers especially when it comes to marketing on one of the biggest social networking site, Facebook. The reason behind this is the lack of engagement on the platform which made marketers and brands face a tough time.

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According to the Facebook marketing statistics of the previous year, it is quite evident that the engagement rate with Facebook ads dropped by 50% which is genuinely a matter of concern. But now in 2019, you do not have to worry about this aspect as we are providing some insights data and tips for gaining more engagement on Facebook for your brand. So, let’s get started with it.

Know about the Facebook algorithm




Almost every one of us is aware that the Facebook algorithm has changed recently and because of that brands are experiencing a lot of difficulties to get the maximum reach. Another major factor is the soaring amount of content on the site. So, if you want your content favored by the Facebook algorithm, then you need to get more engagement on your posts. That will eventually help you to expand your reach.

Moreover, boosting of organic reach means you don’t have to spend extra money on the ads to reach your target audience. Therefore, all you need to focus on is, how to craft the Facebook posts that can yield more engagement.

Type of content to post



There are a lot of things you can post on Facebook to promote your brand. But according to a recent survey it has been observed that videos are getting more engagement than any other form of content. Pictures are also very interactive, but videos no doubt have a higher dominance over images.     

In the initial month of 2018, Facebook announced that they are going to give more preference to relevant interactions. And whatever watched for longer duration by the users are considered as appropriate. Videos fit better in this criteria than pictures. But make sure to create attractive ads because users stop while doing other work to watch that content and if they got impressed with that they might share it with other people or comment on it which will generate more engagement.

Also, put your efforts into creating compelling and quality content rather than focusing on quantity A good post can bring so many likes, shares, and comments whereas if your content is not impactful and are thousand in numbers, it is of no use. Therefore, keep in mind if the quantity is less then there is no harm but, if you compromise with the quality, then you may not get the results for which you were working so hard.

Best time to post



Time is another crucial factor that can initiate engagement. However, it is tough for marketers also to generalize what time is the best to post on Facebook as the target audience are different for different brands. But, mostly 10 pm to 3 am is the duration when most of the users are active and chances of your posts getting viewed by the majority are higher. So, don’t waste your content and efforts by posting on the wrong time since your purpose is to generate more engagement.

Best day to post



Again, this factor depends upon your target audience. Thereby, the best thing you can do is,  analyze the performance of your posts of all the seven days and based on that schedule the next posts. Generally, Sundays prove to be very beneficial as user engagement is on its peak.

Most of the companies and brands, take a break from posting on Sundays and that is their biggest mistake. Honestly, it will be of no harm if you skip Saturday. But Sunday’s are very important to get observed by a large number of people.


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The maximum length of Facebook text posts



Massive content is the King in SEO, but this does not hold valid for Facebook. It will be immensely appreciated if your content is of a maximum of 50 characters. The consumption capacity of Facebook is passive, and the engagement spans are short. You need to quickly get attention from the people if you want to get noticed.

The maximum length of Facebook video posts



Facebook allows you to post videos up to 4 hours that is 240 mins long and of max 4GB file size. But this doesn’t mean that it is mandatory to post that long videos. What we have noticed by researching on the most viewed Facebook videos of the previous year is, their optimal length is 3-5 minutes. However, this much duration is also very long. People usually don’t spend that much time on Facebook. Therefore, 3-minute video is more than enough.

In case, your videos are large then you should place the CTA button and your Brand’s name before the 4 minutes because you cannot guarantee that people will watch the complete video and that too attentively.

Most engaging Facebook post



Facebook is a platform where people can connect with their family and friends. There are tons of subjects on which you can make your videos or ads. However, the most recent engaging videos are entertaining, motivational and related to the latest issues. So pick up a niche that can fulfill your promotional needs and also interests your audience at the same time.

Final Thoughts

The key to Facebook engagement is to focus on offering quality. There is no substitution to that. Apart from this, if you keep the things in your mind that are discussed in this article and implement them, then you can surely have a blockbuster year.


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